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The Benoist Company offers engineering support and sales service for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC industry. Our services include:


The Benoist Company manufactures an extensive offering of unique products utilized in commercial, industrial, military and institutional applications. Our products include custom Air Washers, Equipment Enclosures, Designer Cabinets, Mixing Boxes, U.L. listed control panels and Vandal Proof Equipment Cages. These products are typically build to order and designed to meet the criteria of a particular project or an engineering specification. Our projects include San Jose Novato Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, Salinas City Schools, Fisher Middle School, Bombardier Aerospace and the Joint Strike F-35 building at Edwards AFB, just to name a few.


The Benoist Company offers engineering support and sales service for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC industry. Our services include:

  • Assistance in HVAC system design to mechanical, controls and electrical engineering consultants and distributors: Our Sales Engineers have the educational background, professional experience and the most high-tech industry tools and software to assist the consultant in the early stages of the building design, and help him or her make the right decisions regarding the type of HVAC system to use. The Benoist Company subscribes to Material Survey Associates and Reed Construction Data. These subscriptions allow us to keep you, our customer, informed of upcoming projects as well as pending quotations to ensure the highest success rate when bidding large projects to our territory.
  • Assistance in equipment selection: Our Sales Engineers utilize the latest state of the art industry software available today. For example, the Sterling Gas Specifier is the industry’s premier, fully integrated Rooftop or Indoor gas fired makeup air selection program. The Specifier outputs equipment selection, matches specifications and provides drawing information. We offer a vast array of software tools geared to assist you and your consultants. Much of our software is available to you for your use at no cost. Furthermore, our Sales Engineers will come to your office, install the software and train you and your office staff on how to use it. In addition to the aforementioned software, interaction selection sheets are available from this site for submittal. By filling in the choices offered for each of the product lines, we can select the correct equipment and either e-mail or fax the data back to your office within minutes of your transmission. Visit one of these sites and see for yourself.
  • After sales service: Our service goes beyond the support we provide in the engineering, sale, delivery and installation of our equipment. We’re there for the end user years after the installation of our equipment. Most of our equipment is designed and built to last 30-40 years if maintained properly, so it only makes sense for us to be there for our clients years after the warranty period has expired. To simplify your job, we have created product selector sheets to assist you. These sheets are available for download and can be faxed back to us. Within minutes of submission, we will return an equipment schedule along with specifications to match.


The Benoist Company stocks many of the products we represent, thus allowing us the ability to greatly reduce lead-times and the potential for freight damage. Our distribution center and corporate office located in Phoenix, Arizona, currently stocks the following manufacturer’s products:

In-Stock Inventory

These products, pricing and inventory levels are located on our website at and updated daily. All ship-to locations in Southern California including Bakersfield and Las Vegas will typically deliver the next business day. Northern California and Reno will typically deliver within two business days. In many cases the freight costs will be found on our website or you may contact our customer service department for the freight costs of a particular shipment.

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