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vendor-logo-reflectixThe three methods of heat transfer are Conduction, Convection and Radiation. The largest radiant energy source is the sun. Reflectivity is the measure of radiant energy that is reflected by the surface of a material without turning into conduction (heat flow through matter ie: walls, roofs, etc.). Reflectix insulation works much like a Thermos. The heat within the thermos is reflected back inside while the cold outside is reflected away.

Return air duct plenum, refrigeration line insulation, steamlines, water heater blanket, acoustical absorption, crawl spaces and attics. The applications are as endless as one’s imagination.

Radiant floor heating is not a new concept. Centuries ago the Romans forced hot air under the floors of their housing structures. Also, architect Frank Lloyd Wright ran hot water pipes throughout the floors of his many structures back in the 1930’s. In fact, this application is so common in Europe over 50% of all newly constructed buildings are equipped with a radiant floor heating system. HVDBW can be used with the installation of Radiant heating in a sub-floor and Radiant heating over an existing floor.


Reflectix® products are thoroughly tested at either nationally approved independent laboratories or at leading universities. Tests are performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when a standard exists.


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Reflectix Inventory

Welcome to the Reflectix Inventory sheet. If applicable, to find out an approximate shipping cost, click on the ‘Check Freight Cost’ link and a new window will be displayed for you to select your destination and enter in a product weight.


Model No.Qty.Wt.List PriceDescriptionShipping
CDW4805040Call for PricingOUTDOOR DUCT WRAP/4\' X 50\' IN BAG
DBWEF48125590Call for PricingCONCRETE PAD -COATED FOIL 4\' X 125\' ROLL
DT47-A10Replacment blade for DT47
HV3DL1205004240Call for PricingDUCT LINER/12\" X 50\' 4 ROLLS IN A BAG
HV3DL2405002200Call for PricingDUCT LINER/24\" X 50\' 2 ROLLS IN A BAG
HV3DL36050420Call for PricingDUCT LINER/1 ROLL 36\" X 50\'
HV3DL48050210Call for PricingDUCT LINER/1 ROLL 48\" X 50\' IN BAG
HV3DL4810000Call for PricingDUCT LINER/1 ROLL 48\" X 100\' IN BAG
HV3DL4812500Call for PricingDUCT LINER/1 ROLL 48\" X 125\' IN BAG
HV3DL6005000Call for PricingDUCT LINER/1 ROLL 60\" X 50\' IN BAG
HVBB4807500Call for PricingHVAC BIG DOUBLE BUBBLE/ 48\" X 75\'
HVBP1205004590Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/12\" X 50\' 4 ROLLS PER BAG
HVBP1210004170Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/4 ROLLS OF 12\" X 100\' IN BOX
HVBP24050021660Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/24\" X 50\' 2 ROLLS PER BAG
HVBP2410002780Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/2 ROLLS OF 24\" X 100\' IN BOX
HVBP360508790Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/3\' X 50\' IN BAG
HVBP3610000Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/3\' X 100\' IN BAG
HVBP480505630Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/4\' X 50\' IN BAG
HVBP48100780Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/4\' X 100\' IN BAG
HVBP48125660Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/4\' X 125\' IN BAG
HVBP6005090Call for PricingHVAC DOUBLE BUBBLE/5\' X 50\' IN BAG
HVDBW48125270Call for PricingCONCRETE PAD 4\' X 125\' ROLL WHITE TO INSIDE
HVNF35100-1/2120Call for Pricing35\" X 100-1/2\' NATURAL FIBER DUCT LINER
HVRP4005000Call for PricingR-8 DUCT INSULATION, 1 ROLL OF 40\" x 50\'
HVSP020250680Call for PricingHVAC SPACER/6 ROLLS
HVSPACER280Call for PricingSquare duct plastic spacer, qty-150
HVST2405002490Call for PricingStaple Tab insulation (2) 24\"X50\' in Bag
HVST48125100Call for PricingSTAPLE TAB 48\" x 125\'
HVST7212500Call for PricingStaple Tab Insulation 72\"x125\'
RB48125190Call for Pricing4\' x 125\' PERFORATED RADIANT BARRIER
RB4812550330Call For Pricing48\" X 125\' PERFORATED RADIANT BARRIER
RSBW48125P00Call For PricingSINGLE BUBBLE-WHITE, 48\" X 125\'
RSBW72125P200Call For PricingSINGLE BUBBLE-WHITE, 72\" X 125\'

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