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MARSMARS AIR DOORS, the largest manufacturer of air curtains in the world. Since 1962 MARS has built air curtains for various applications such as insect control, environmental separation and climate control.

MARS AIR DOORS air curtains come in sizes from 30? wide to 192? wide and for door heights from 5? up to 22?. Doors can be ordered without heat or with gas, hot water, steam or electric heat options. Also available are air curtains with “Hepa” filters. Various types of control options are available as well as special configurations such as stainless steel housing, etc.

So the next time your looking for an air curtain or have an application that you think requires an air curtain look to MARS AIR DOORS and the BENOIST COMPANY to handle your needs. If you need help with an air curtain selection, then use our MARS MATRIX selector sheet for assistance.


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